Friday, March 09, 2012

Soprano Saxophone

Soprano Saxophone

I am planning my next solo exhibition which will take place in April. I am the featured artist at One Gateway Center in Newark, NJ. It's an incredible complex and I'm looking forward to being there ... AND as a bonus I'll be just 11 minutes from New York City via PATH. The PATH train happens to be directly across the street from One Gateway Center.

I'll be featuring a wide assortment of paintings and although I'm kicking around a few titles for my exhibition, I'm probably going to stick with what I normally title my exhibitions: The Pleasures of Life. The reason being is because my paintings focus on cuisine, wine and music ... and to me, that's the best there is.

So, as I have more information, I will keep you posted.

This painting above is 'Soprano Saxophone'. I started a collection of 14" x 11" acrylic paintings with the JAZZ theme. They're priced at $400 each - my 'cash and carry' price. I'll be posting them each day so if these paintings speak to you, stay tuned. I already have 14 finished and look forward to painting these each day.

Drop me a line or comment if you would like. I look forward to hearing from you !

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