Monday, November 08, 2010

Les Trois Musiciens

Les Trois Musiciens

Saturday evening I was a featured artist at the 'Cocktails and Collecting' event benefiting the Allentown Art Museum. Because of current renovations and expansion, the event was held at the USA Olympus headquarters. What a great night !!

Many 'art loving' people attended ... there were several open bars - I had a bourbon Manhattan with two cherries - and great food - I had a delicious salmon sandwich.

It's funny with events like that - for me I sometimes have a twinge of vulnerability about my work. Two years ago I was also a featured artist and I chose to showcase my dark and heavy classical sea creature paintings ... I sold 13 of my 'painting each day' paintings but no large paintings. So this year I decided to showcase my fun, colorful and bright 'Antibes' paintings - along with my 'paintings each day' paintings. Ahhh it was great - I had the primo spot - the first booth when you walk into the large hall ... and there was SO much color emanating from my booth that it looked like Snoopy's doghouse at Christmas. BUT, I received great response and so many wonderful comments (thank you all for that !). AND, I am happy to say that the painting receiving the most attention was none other than my 'Les Trois Musiciens' !!

I am happy to say that in addition to 11 'painting each day' paintings, 'Les Trois Musicians' also sold and now has a wonderful new home in the President of USA Olympus' conference room. I am still on cloud nine !

Thank you so much - you are thoughtful and kind and I couldn't be happier that this painting has such a good home with you. Enjoy it !