Tuesday, April 17, 2012

THE PLEASURES OF LIFE * exhibition, ONE GALLERY, One Gateway Center, Newark, NJ


Here is the nice handout that I created for my exhibition: 'THE PLEASURES OF LIFE'. I have been the exhibiting artist with a solo exhibition in ONE GALLERY, One Gateway Center, Newark, NJ.

The gallery is beautiful. Ok, ok I admit it ... I didn't love the pea soup green walls and I even cried a little when I found out they were not to be painted until after my exhibition ... BUT ... with that said ... and like a miracle I might add ... the walls look fabulous with my paintings ! Mr. Martini and Ms. Manhattan never looked better !!

I'm still hoping that Mr. Woody Allen will find his way here to check out my latest Jazz series ... featuring the painting 'Soprano Saxophone - Sidney Bechet - dans les rues d'Antibes'. I think he would really enjoy this show ... and maybe would just HAVE to take a painting home with him. One can dream ... can't one ?

exhibition poster

So dear art lovers, if you happen to be in Newark, NJ before April 28th, Monday through Friday, 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, please, Please PLEASE stop in the gallery. I'm directly across from the beautiful Penn Station. I would love to see you and give you the 'tour'.



'THE PLEASURES OF LIFE' - a presentation of paintings celebrating the pleasures of life. Music, Cuisine, Libation, Humor and Love. Deep red hues, swirling crustaceans, rhythmic instruments, humorous personifications ... these senses make up the spirit of her work.

Come and visit international artist Ann Elizabeth Schlegel for her premiere exhibition in Newark, NJ. In addition to several regional exhibitions, Ms. Schlegel has had numerous solo exhibitions in Germany and France where she has been invited as 'artist in residence'. Ms. Schlegel once again has been invited as the 'artist in residence' in Antibes, France for 2012.

" To paint, to create art, to lose myself in the moment ..... that is what drives me, thrills me. To put down my brush and stand back and say, Yes ! it has been a good day".

THE PLEASURES OF LIFE exhibition runs through April, 2012.
ONE GALLERY, One Gateway Center
Street level - across from Penn Station

Gallery hours: Monday - Friday 10:30 - 4:30.
For additional information or to confirm availability, please contact the artist:

Ann Elizabeth Schlegel