Monday, August 01, 2011

What a day this has been ... what a rare mood I'm in ... well it's almost like being in Love !

Le Montmartre de Schwaebisch Gmuend

What a day this has been ... what a rare mood I'm in ... well it's almost like being in Love ! You may know this great composition (
Frederick Loewe) and lyrics (Alan Jay) from the wonderful vocals of Ms. Ella Fitzgerald.

While painting this collection I listened to Ella Fitzgerald, the soundtrack from Chocolat and Natalie Cole's 'Unforgettable' ... over and over and over ... I'm sure that the neighbors are glad that I am finally finished painting in the wonderful petite atelier which Conrad named 'The Montmartre of Schwaebisch Gmuend' ... and it was !! ... at least for me ...

So my lovely friend Julia volunteered to be my assistant for the morning. She loaded her car with my paintings, drove them - and me - over to the Paulaner, carried every one of them up the stairs by herself and practically hung the exhibition AND offered me expert advice. Thank you Julia !! Here she is hanging the paintings while I am burdened with the important tasks ... like supervising and sipping my Hefeweizen Bier.

I am SOOO very happy to have my work at the Paulaner !! I am the first artist to have an exhibition there and I couldn't be more pleased. Ollie and Nastasia are the kind and generous proprietors of the Paulaner ... and I feel very grateful to them. .... and, of course, to all of my very dear friends in Schwaebisch Gmuend.

Here is just a glimpse of the nine paintings in the lovely eating room ... or as we say in America, the beer hall. Notice my Paulaner sitting front and center on the table. Sooooo .... mark your calendars ... Wednesday, August 3rd ... for the vernissage at the Paulaner. It begins at 6:00 pm sharp.

For more information, click on the link below.

It will be fun, Fun, FUN !!!

PAULANER exhibition


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