Monday, August 15, 2011

Walking and Sunning and Roman Abramovich

This beautiful view is what I wake up to each morning in the lovely home of my friend Patricia. If you look above the old restored farmhouse, you can see the steeple of St. Theresa. The chimes begin at 8:00 a.m. ... just after the rooster starts crowing. The funny thing about that rooster is that he crows all day long ... an overachiever for sure.

So today I walked several miles to my favorite sunbathing spot - Plage de la Gravette. It didn't seem this crowded when I was lying there ... I placed my 'Antibes' towel close to the water, treated myself to a cold Kronenbourg and nestled down for a suntan ... or as it turns out ... sunburn. I did however, have a beautiful swim in the cool and refreshing Mediterranean. Ahhh ...

This ladies and gentlemen is the grand work of art entitled 'Le Nomade'. It was created by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa. It was officially inaugurated on March 25, 2007, but then the creation was relocated to the United States. The one that now stands in Antibes is the second ... and it was installed in 2010. Personally, I like it. I love the shadows it creates ... and since it's a 'wikipedia', I'm still searching for the connection of an A and two Ns.

By the way, the Nomade is overlooking the largest yacht in the world.: 'Eclipse'.


This is the spectacular yacht 'Eclipse'. The largest yacht in the world ... I can't even imagine what it must be like to board this incredible vessel. Reportedly, there are two swimming pools, two helicopter pads and a 6 foot television screen in every room. That's just hearsay by the way. This beautiful object d'art is currently floating right in front of the old village of Antibes. And it's a sight to behold.

Roman Abramovich is the proprietor. He also lives in one of the most beautiful villas in the Cote d'Azur ... I would say in the whole world ... but I've only seen it from the sea ...

Dear Mr. Abramovich ... I'm a painter from the U.S. I've been the artist in residence in Antibes for two summers ... I can pretty much paint whatever I'm asked to paint ... maybe you might need some original paintings for your yacht(s) or home(s). I've read that you enjoy art ... and I very much appreciate creating paintings for people who enjoy art. If you have some moments in your incredibly busy schedule, could you please check out my website:

If there's any painting that tickles your fancy, please let me know.


From inside 'Le Nomade'

From this vantage point, Le Nomade looks suspiciously like a big breasted woman. I'm admiring her black lacy bra ... I just bought one exactly like that at the market on Saturday in a slightly smaller size.

Grimaldi Castle ... The Picasso Museum

I was so fortunate to be the artist in residence in Antibes during the reopening of the Picasso Museum in 2008. Once again ... spectacular. I love the old window panes on the top floor overlooking the orange clay rooftops and the gleaming white yachts ... oh ... and of course, the original Picasso paintings !!! My favorite: la joie de vivre, bien sûr !!

From the side of the Picasso museum facing the blue Mediterranean

Walking through the lovely narrow streets

Antibes Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-la-Platea d'Antibes)

WHEN my fFhasap (future French husband as soon as possible) finally finds me ... I'm going to get married in this beautiful church. That is, however, after the civil ceremony in the Peynet room in the Hotel de Ville. I love this old church ... it's a national monument of France ... AND there's a statue of Saint Teresa inside ... my Mom would have loved it, too.

Can you hear those church bells ringing ?

So ... it's just before 11:00 p.m. I'm thinking about going to sleep before midnight ... I would like to get up early, enjoy a coffee ... and go on a long walk in the morning. Today I walked maybe eight miles ... not like yesterday's 13 miles. My Keds feel great ... but they look like gross, misshapened American white sneakers - nothin' worse than that in the French Riviera !! So, maybe I'll walk to the shoe stores and see what's on sale ... I might even lug my cocktail prints with me ... just in case there might be a stampede of people needing 'Mr. Martini' prints.

So ... bon nuit mes amis !!! À bientôt j'espère !


Anonymous said...

Dear Ann!
I don't know if you're still using this page, but i'll wright to you anyway.
I came across this page through youtube, i was searching for 'antibes' and there you were with your comments and i got curious. So i checked out your page, and i'm stunned!
You deliver all the best of Antibes with your pictures and anecdotes!

In 2008 i lived in Antibes for 5 months, and it's the best i have ever done, it have been the best 5 months of my life!
I stayed at beautiful Castel Arabel in Juan les Pins, on a hill, overlooking the rooftops, mountains and the deep blue sea.
And i miss it every minute.
I have been there 3 times after that but only on vacation, 7-10 days. And thats never enough!

I dont have any homepage like you but i have all my photos from that time on a site called

Thats a link to the first day in France, when we arrived at castel. For bigger photos just click on the pictures. And if you want to see more of them (i think there is a coulpe of 100) just continuing clicking on the photos and they will change.
The site is unfortunetley in swedish, so you know.

Thank you for sharing all the beautiful! I wish you all the best!

Best regards Jennie

4:39 AM  

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