Monday, August 08, 2011

Trekking to Strassdorf

Ok ... here is the starting point for my big walk ... although ... technically, I did start from my wonderful apartment and walked over here. But, we'll just say I began my 'trek' from the Marktplatz.
First stop: coffee.

There is a fabulous walking path ... and also for bicycles ... that originally was the way for the train lines. Of course fabulous Germany would turn train tracks into a walking path. The path meanders through the country side for miles and miles ... and you can walk from Heubach to Lorch ... if you had the stamina. So, for today I will walk to Strassdorf. As the crow flies it's approximately 3.3k, but the path is much longer and meanders in a wide circle. I did it once before, several years ago, but on my Strassdorf trek three weeks ago, I had forgotten about the path and walked up the huge hill for cars. Not quite as peaceful. The path is also safe. There are only cyclists and walkers ... I even passed by a Nun today in the woods ... and the view is spectacular !!

So here I am on my journey ... I turned back around toward Schwaebisch Gmuend for this photo ... pretty ...

Beautiful landscape

A little sprinkling of raindrops ... then the sun

walking through beautiful forests

This is the one thing that was such a curiosity for me. Tall pines with tall trunks. I remember the first time seeing the Black Forest ... It was amazing to see the pine trees with the branches and needles only on the upper part of the tree ... so very Hansel and Gretel ...

This beautiful mountain is 'Rechburg'. Notice the church at the top of the hill ...

Once I reached Strassdorf, I toured the cornfields and photographed the monumental sculptures ... fantastic to say the least ... peaceful and beautiful and profound ...

Cloud portrait ... a blustery day !

finding a new path back ... oops ... dead end ... back up the hill

Now ... this is very strange to us Americans. All over Germany there are 'foot massaging baths' and they're free. AND ... if it's free it's for me ... so after my three hour trek, I happily took off my socks and shoes, rolled up my jeans and stepped in .... Eeeeeesshhhhh !!! C-c-c-cold !!! Freezing cold. I only could do one lap around because it was on the unbearable side for me and after one lap I couldn't feel my toes any longer. Maybe if the day is hot (it's been mainly chilly here), then it would be somewhat refreshing ... but ... I will have to work up to doing two 'laps' around the wading pool. I've actually sat and watched people walk in circles for several minutes ...

HOW do they do it ? I'm thinking 'Hefeweisbier' ...

Jörg Kähler

After my long trek ... I treated myself to a Bratwurst mit Brötchen mit hot homemade ketchup, senf (mustard) and Tobasco. Jörg was kind to present me with two 'free' coupons for a sandwich at my exhibition opening ... no better time for a delicious bratwurst than after a three hour walk I say !!!

One thing about this cute little bratwurst stand ... Jörg rides this bratwurst stand to the Marktplatz each day ... notice the bicycle attachment. Incredible !! I can only imagine how his legs and feet must ache after a long day of bicycling 500 kilos (over 1000 lbs.) of weight AND standing on his feet all day !!

Maybe I need to show him the location of the 'foot massage bath' !!!

Jörg, it was 'yummy' !!!

click here for Jörg's info ... cute video !!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1971-1973 war er an diesem Ort. Im Alter von 7 Jahren ging ich in die Türkei. Es gibt eine Menge meiner Bilder für den Zeitraum aber ich lebe auf den Straßen jetzt sehr neugierig, aber in keiner Weise ist die neue Version eines Bildes enthält verwaltet, konnte ihn nicht finden.

5:26 PM  

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