Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Schwaebisch Hall

Willkommen to Schwaebisch Hall

Conrad, Michaele and I traveled to Schwaebisch Hall ... a winding road through the country side ... through villages and up and down picturesque hills and valleys ... a beautiful drive ...

We arrived in about an hour to Schwaebisch Hall ... there was a very thorough and important exhibition celebrating Niki de Saint Phalle at The Kunsthalle Würth in Schwäbisch Hall. It was fantastic to say the least ... and I was very happy to have taken it all in ...

Conrad offered to take my photo in the mirror of one of Niki de Saint Phalle's outdoor sculptures ... ok ... I'm looking ... I see my scarf, Conrad's hand, my camera ... Hmmm ... Conrad - where is my head ?! Maybe it's better this way ...

After the Niki de Saint Phalle exhibition, we ate at this beautiful Indian restaurant: Indian Forum

Check out my dejeuner ... the curry was delish ... and all of these tastes ... sooo lovely ... and a beer from India as well ! Danke Conrad and Michaele - it was sooo very nice to be here with You !

My Father loved tulips ... and my Mother loved white daisies ... but one day I heard my Father say 'I like Tuberous Begonias' ... and here they were outside the Indian restaurant ... It's a good feeling to see these beautiful reminders of my beautiful Parents ...

The very pretty town of Schwaebisch Hall

These steps are home to 'Shakespeare' performances


ok ... well, I get the thought behind it ... BUT ... I cannot imagine for the life of me that this would feel good between the toes .... just watch ... next year I will be wearing these everywhere !!

City Hall - Rathaus

I love these incredible sculptures ... and they are everywhere where a sculpture would be appreciated ... This is great on the steps ... you can feel the pull and resistance ... AND it's a railing for gosh sakes !!

After a beautiful today together ... we head for home ...


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