Sunday, August 28, 2011

Germany ... traveling to Strümpfelbach

Willkommen to Strümpfelbach

Today Conrad, Michaele and I traveled to Strümpfelbach. It's a beautiful and quaint village with many, many houses of wine ... and today, there just happend to be a great wine festival. BUT, before we would partake in the eating and drinking, Conrad and Michaele treated me to a walk up the hill with the vines ... and WHAT a hill it is !!

So here is just one of the hills filled with vines ... taken from our soon to be 'after' destination ... the party ! Yes, it is true, we DID walk all the way up this hill ... but, with that said, there was a lovely walking path that winds its way so you don't have to go straight up. Well, that is, until Michaele said 'hey wait, we didn't see THAT sculpture ... and then up the steep, STEEP steps we climbed ... straight up. But now I can say that I did it ... and then could afterwards eat and drink guilt free ... semi guilt free that is.

Here's Conard and Michaele sitting on a sculpture bench. I should mention that these bronze sculptures are the works of Karl-Ulrich Nuss and they are FABulous !! And ... there are a lot of them ... throughout the town ... but also up on the path throughout the vineyard. Incredible !!

Ready for harvest

The view from up on the hill

A favorite of Michaele's ... me too !

What an incredible stroll ...

Conrad's new buddy

Looking down into the village

Love in the afternoon ... in the vineyard

from the atelier of Karl-Ulrich Nuss

stopping to cluck 'Guten Tag' to the chickens

Bacchus ... at first sight I though it was a sculpture of a woman 'in the family way' ... but then upon closer inspection ...

I think I know the model for this sculpture !!

Ahhhh time for Italian style brick oven pizza and wine !

Saying 'hi' to the band !

We had the great pleasure of meeting the sculpture artist (right) Karl-Ulrich Nuss and the owner of the Weingut Kuhnle (vintner and wine fest) - Werner Kuhnle ... lucky, LUCKY us !!

Werner Kuhnle giving us a private tour of the keller

Conrad, Mr. Wilhelm and Werner Kuhnle

Mr. Wilhelm was kind to show us the private collection of incredible sculptures of Karl-Ulrich Nuss ... FABULOUS to say the least !!

Me ... and a sculpture by Karl-Ulrich Nuss

What a great day today was !!! Blues skies, puffy white clouds, long walk up the terraced vineyards of Strümpfelbach ... taking in the incredible art, afterwards delicious pizza (flat bread with onions, cream and ham, grilled in a brick oven ... yummy !) two glasses of Riesling, meeting the Vintner AND the sculptor - FANtastic !!! ... but most of all, a day spent with friends ...

Nix Besser !!!

Strümpfelbach Wine Trail Video ... lovely !!


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