Monday, August 22, 2011

Enchantèment and the Chateau de Saint Martin

Michelle and Jacques Kimmel

I am happy to introduce you to Jacques and Michelle Kimmel. They are the creators and organizers of the exhibition 'Art et Vin'. I met them last year in Antibes and was invited to participate in the art contest. This participation resulted with my painting Enchantèment being included in 'Art et Vin' exhibition in the beautiful Chateau de Saint Martin. I was one of five artists ... three from France, one from Belgium ... et moi !

Today, Jacques and Michelle invited Patricia and myself to share the day together ... to enjoy a lovely 'dejeuner' in a beautiful restaurant ... and then visit the Chateau de Saint Martin to see the exhibition. Cool.

This is the lovely restaurant where we had our dejeuner: Restaurant le Brin d'Olivier.

Selecting our table for dejeuner

Beautiful buffet .... for us !!

My friend Patricia

The next course .... fish ... or stuffed chicken, fresh vegetables ... freshly baked bread

Cool sorbet for dessert

Chef Claude
Continuing our journey to the Chateau de Saint Martin

Chateau de Saint Martin

Strolling around the grounds of the Chateau de Saint Martin

Where the Comtesse lives ... avec le chien

Voila ! My painting 'Enchantèment' ... and 'Ms. Manhattan' nearby

The spectacular 'cave' ... very ancient and still being used today

The beautiful gift shop. The Chateau de Saint Martin presented me with a lovely bottle of rosé wine ... Merci beaucoup beautiful Chateau !!!

After the Chateau, Jacques and Michelle treated us to an open-air convertible ride along the Bord de Mer ... spectacular !!!!

... more to come !

By the way, 'Enchantèment' has a price of 4000 euros ... which includes a very distinguished Provenance !


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