Monday, August 08, 2011

Catching up ...

Since my opening exhibition in the wonderful Paulaner, I have done sooo much - just like before my opening - and didn't really give myself the time to update my writing to you ... entschuldigen Sie mich mein Freund ... so ... today I continue ... just for You !!

Thursday evening I attended the Bach Ensemble - featuring the incredible Joshua Rifkin. Did I mention that on Tuesday, the evening before my exhibition opening, I not only met Joshua - and the ensemble - but sat next to him outside at the Paulaner. We drank Hefeweißbier and talked about music and art and Bethlehem where my painting studio is located ... and also ... the oldest Bach Choir in the United States ... and they're great !!

Joshua Rifkin studied at Juilliard and is well known in music circles for the complete revival of Scott Joplin music and for creating arrangements for Judy Collins on her albums In My Life and Wildflowers. He's a pretty major deal ... and there we are sipping beer together in Schwaebisch Gmuend under an umbrella at the Paulaner. This group was so much fun and also kind and generous ... thank YOU for the Hefeweißbier !! I hope we meet again ...

Augustinuskirche, Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany

That's Joshua Rifkin on the right ... sorry for the fuzzy photo ... but it was the best that I could do sans flash. Naturally, the concert was fantastic. Four singers accompanying the ensemble .. or is that visa-versa. Thank you Michaele for the treat of the ticket !!! It is appreciated !!! xoxoxo

So ... Friday evening I attended the art and atelier opening of my artist friend Connie. My little gift to her was photographing the event in color and black and white. Of course, I heartily took part in the offerings of Prosecco and bruschetta and a petite cigarillo ... maybe two.

Connie - Atelia Lia

For me, when I photograph an event, I am always happy when there is one incredible photograph !! So ... this photo, in my eyes, is the one incredible photograph from Connie's event. The photo is cropped here ... she is actually leaning against a car ... and although the larger view is really nice, I prefer the close-up where you can see the magic of the Olympus E620 with the black and white feature. I always compare it to the classic 'LIFE' magazine style ...

Connie's hallway atelier next to her main atelier

The great Eckhart Dietz in attendance

Saturday, I met my friends Julia, Michael and Valentin ... and a surprise visit from Gundi !! We shared a beer together at the Paulaner ... but then for the rest of the day I just relaxed in my beautiful apartment. I've been soooo busy walking here, rushing there, painting and hanging and designing and organizing and concert going that I just needed one night to 'chill' and relax in my beautiful apartment. I know before too long, I will be headed to the airplane to take me to the States ... but for the last two months it's been pretty much paradise !!!!

The Market place on Saturdays ...

Sunday ... after stopping in the Muenster Cathedral to hear Mass, I went to the Paulaner to have lunch. Pray first, party later. Mmmm ... what to order ? I always get the kleiner Salat mit Schwarzbrot und einem großen Hefeweißbier. And ... it's always delish !! But, today, I think I will order something different. Schwäbische Maultaschen, geröstet mit Ei und unserem Kartoffelsalat mit Schwarzbrot und Rotweine. Once again ... delish !!

Nix Besser as my Dad would have said ...


Blogger janieqcitizen said...

Ann, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you show the markets and food. Love the ones of the Black Forrest and the church at the top. The idea of the foot bath is so fun. Looking at your work and photos and writing is such a treat to me. I am sad now that Marcus goes back to CA tomorrow but coming on here and seeing what you are up to restores my sanity a little. I mean it girl, I just can't thank you enough for including us and letting us see it all. God bless you. You are a gift. XXOO

5:15 PM  
Blogger Nancy O'Keefe said...

Ann, I love these entries. You are blessed and gifted to be able to convey such beautiful thoughts on your canvasses, your photos, and in your journeling, making the reader feel as though we were there with you. Keep up the good work for us all!

2:32 PM  
Blogger PaintingEachDay said...

Thank you Jane and thank you Nancy !!! I really enjoy writing my blog ... especially when I travel to Germany and France ... I feel extra rewarded when friends and family read and enjoy my posts ... and that they also feel that they are traveling each day with me ... Merci beaucoup and Vielen dank !!

5:07 PM  

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