Friday, July 29, 2011

You're Everywhere ... like dog sh*t

Ok ... it's not my saying (and my Mother would NEVER want me to repeat such 'piggishness') ... but once I heard someone say about an artist with paintings in several locations ... and I quote - 'he's everywhere ... like dog sh*t'. ... nice.

So ... guess what ... I'm everywhere ... like dog sh*t !!! And, it's not sooo bad at all !! ... it's more like ... fertilizer. I have three paintings in the window at d'Orado, five framed prints in the window at Bilderbogen ... AND, as you might be aware, I have an exhibition opening in the PAULANER Wirtshaus am Markt on Wednesday !!! So ... yes, I guess I am everywhere ... well, you now know the saying.

Not only that, but my exhibition poster is in at least 25 shop windows ... hahahah ... funny !!! So ... here are just some of the finer addresses of Schwaebisch Gmuend. I might need another hour or so to photograph the rest of the shops ... hehehehe

So, sit back and enjoy the show !!

this is one of my more favorite spots ... right underneath the 'toiletten' sign

And last, but not least ... in the window of the beautiful Paulaner ....

Prosit !

It's so funny for me ... I see some people looking in the windows and I think ... I'm so incognito .. they don't know who I am but I'm watching them checking out the funny poster. I love it ! It's almost the same feeling when I created the 20th Anniversary Musikfest poster ... and nineteen thousand beer mugs were created with my painting ... and EVERYONE had the Musikfest beer mug - they actually sold out in four days ... and I ditched the tent that they gave me and hung out in the Hofbrau tent and signed thousands of mugs ... and free Hofbrau for me !!! (I drive a hard bargain !!)

And then on the last evening of Musikfest, the lovely volunteers cut down the beautiful Hofbrau banner with the blue and white diamonds and presented it to me as a gift ... I received two banners that year. We had them hanging from the large maple tree in my Parents' backyard for my Schwaebisch Gmuend slide show party .... good times ... really good times ...


Blogger janieqcitizen said...

Ann, I am getting worried that with all this exposure, you may not ever come back! I am thoroughly enjoying this blogspot. Loved what you wrote about your parents. Such a caring tribute. We had Liz and the girls over for dinner on Wednesday. Sheer fun. Thanks again for sharing all of this. Such a gift. J&V, Lydia too.

6:50 PM  
Blogger PaintingEachDay said...

Hey J ... thank you so much for your note !! I've been living' it up .. but also spending many days and many hours in the 'montmartre of schwaebisch gmuend' ... my exhibition is wednesday ... with the oberburgermeister, beer, finger food, accordion music ... NOW's the chance to come over ... get your quickie passports !! I will write to you soon .... xoxoxoxoxo

7:51 PM  

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