Thursday, July 21, 2011

Walking. Lunching. Painting.

I actually worked on this painting yesterday and I think it's pretty much finished ... although it has the 'unfinished' look. He has SUCH a great profile ... an incredible nose and I thought the juxtaposition of the vertical clock tower would be a great accompaniment. He was walking in the 80s parade ...

So, this morning I walked to the path where you can hike to Strassdorf. Although the initial plan WAS to walk to Strassdorf, when I came upon this lovely restaurant - Der Südbahnhof - my plans changed. Less walking, more relaxing !

Guten Tag, please come in ... ok

For my petite dejeuner I had a healthy 'kleine' (small) salad and a large beer.

And after lunch, I began my painting of Sabine - a beautiful woman who walked in the 70s parade. She was wearing a bright satiny green dirndl with a bright blue apron ... she looked soooo pretty and I thought, yes, I absolutely MUST paint her. Photo to come tomorrow.

Off to Klaus and Ursula's for a nice dinner with Michaele, Conrad and Benedikt -

Guten Appetit !!!


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