Monday, July 25, 2011

The Parade People ... coming together ...

This cutie pie was so great to watch .. and photograph .. and paint !

Well, I might just say that a good percentage of The Parade People are on their way to being finished ... I have to alter three of them, and then once they're just as I want them, I will have nine to show. Now .... to show ... where ? I do have a great idea ... and, if all goes well, they will hang in the perfect spot ... more info to come !

The paintings measure 1 meter high by 80 cm wide ... that transfers to us Americans, where metric is beyond us except when buying a 2 liter bottle of Coke, to about 40 inches by 32 inches. I used the sames stretchers that I used when I exhibited 'The Red Violin and other Compositions'. It's a beautiful size indeed !!

Every day when I paint, I always set up The Parade People around me. It inspires me more when they're in view than if I would paint them one by one and then just stack them somewhere until they're ready to be shown. When they're together I can see changes that I'd like to make and if they are all a good 'fit' together ... and if they will be exhibited, how to hang them, who goes next to whom ... and so on and so on ...

So each day I open up the petite atelier, turn on my music - yesterday it was track nine of Chocolat (repeat, repeat and repeat), bring them all out and position them. It's also nice if someone stops by ... when the paintings are out of the closet, er, so to speak, there's more interest ...

At the end of this week they should all be done and ready to go - at least for an exhibition ... keep your fingers crossed that they will be displayed at ... well, I'll let you know ... Prosit !!!


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