Saturday, July 23, 2011

'The Parade People' ... and Carl Orff

So ... still continuing with 'The Parade People'. And, what is a German birthday parade without a beautiful Fraulein ? Ok, ok, before you get your 'knickers in a twist', I know ... the German's don't use the word 'fraulein' any longer, and regardless of marital status, all women are to be addressed as 'frau'. Personally, the word 'fraulein' warms my heart and I prefer to be called 'fraulein' more than 'frau' ... especially because Julia hasn't found my 'fhasap' yet. And besides, it's 'prettier'.

Here is the collection so far ... and a couple more in the other room. I think as a collection they're fun ... so, maaaybeee, before I depart beautiful Schwaebisch Gmuend, we will have a petite exhibition of 'The Parade People'. I hope so !

What's a lighted hearted day without a little Carl Orff ? My beautiful friend Vesna phoned me and invited me to join her for an evening at the Opera. Carl Orff: Der Mond - The Moon. You might know Carl Orff from his mega-masterpiece: Carmina Burana. Well, Der Mond is heavy, Heavy, HEAVY ... but wow, these high school students presented us with a fantastic performance !! The orchestra was powerful and the singers ... well, let me just tell you ... once again, incredible.

And, happy to say, that the Moon is now back where it belongs ...

Bravo ! Bravo !! BRAVO !!!


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