Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Ok ... so another painting day in my wonderful atelier ...

On the way there - it's really just around the corner, another atelier was open. I met 'Cornelia'. She is sooo nice and we assured each other that we would meet tomorrow - a full painting day.

So ... this is maaaaybeeee almost finished. Sometimes the hardest thing to know in painting is when to put the brush down. I don't want these to be tooo stylized or too slick ... leaning more toward quick and fun and not labored. But .. maybe they are too 'cartoony' ??

Tonight is the Lions meeting with the Oberburgermeister. Afterward, they are having dinner at a nice restaurant in the center of town. I would like to stop in to say hello and have a glass of wine with them ... and maybe discuss, if I can do it, a possible exhibition of 'Parade paintings'. I think that would be so much fun !!! .... and then, of course, I'm thinking greeting cards, birthday cards .. story book ... oh, the possibilities !!!

But, for now, I must keep my nose to the grindstone and create a group of fun paintings that I will be proud of ... like I said before, comments, advice, observations all welcome !!!

I swear my former boss 'Bob' from 'Hary's Bar' looked JUST like this !

So here is the 'collection' so far ! Pretty impressive, huh (lol) ... but, maybe I might be on the right track ... we shall see. I will keep you posted ....

Now, I'm headed to the main square to see the women's soccer match: Germany vs France !!! I hope it's a tie !! - or a win for Germany ;-)


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