Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Conrad has renamed the petite atelier ... He calls it the Montmartre of Schwaebisch Gmuend. I thought that was funny and I was a little flattered by that ... but then ... without announcement or notice, FOURTEEN people came by my atelier today ... er, I mean Montmartre. It was sooo great !!!

Today I finished the painting of this lovely man ... I don't know WHO he is but I painted him two times ... it would be great if he could attend the vernissage which may be next Wednesday or Thursday at the Paulaner !!!! How special would THAT be !!

This mysterious lovely woman is Cornelia. She is a long time friend of Michaele and Conrad's. She also is an artist and spent the afternoon in Montmartre. Sipping a wonderful Spanish wine compliments of Gundi ... Notice the man on the left checkin' her out !!

Gundi, Conrad and Cornelia at Monmartre

Michaele invited me to European Church Music tonight ... it was spectacular !! Notice the instruments from the Baroque age.

More ancient instruments

This is the finale of the performance ... people were clapping and cheering ... just unbelievable. Perfection in voice and music !!


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