Friday, July 29, 2011

Mittwoch -- Yeah !! Next Wednesday is the Day !

So ... a great day today !!! I enjoyed a Hefeweizen at the Paulaner with my little love Valentin ... sooo cute. He saw that my bier was on a coaster and pointed to the coasters on the table ... so I gave him one ... notice where he put his milk bottle ... hahaha !!

already a man after my own heart ! Beer (milk) and pretzels

So then, it was a painting day ... I have only Saturday and Sunday to complete my exhibition ... we hang on Monday. So, I cranked up the Natalie Cole, prepared my paints, poured a glass of Shiraz (very disappointing) ... and focused. I'm already pleased with the paintings ... BUT ... need to tweak a couple more ... then I will be able to say 'aha ... the exhibition is good ... let's party !!"

I'm looking forward to Wednesday ... I will wear the shirt that my Parents brought back from Munich in 1988 ... 23 years ago !!! ... and my tuxedo jacket ... AND ... hopefully we will have an accordion player ... that would be awesome !!! My wonderful Father played accordion for almost 70 years ... he was so great. If I could find an accordion player that could play 'Twilight Time' and 'Don't Blame Me' and 'Moonlight Serenade' ... and 'It's the Talk of the Town' ... I'd be overwhelmed ... I should have practiced more ...

So ... here are some of the paintings to give you a hint of what's to come on Wednesday ... at the PAULANER !!! How fabulous is THAT !!!! My Parents would have been proud ... they will be with me in spirit no doubt.

I decided to show you only this photo ... because I must keep some of the paintings a surprise !! I hope that you will feel welcome to come and celebrate on Wednesday ... and we can toast with a nice Hefe~weissbier at the PAULANER ... PROST !!

Why not wear your dirndl or lederhosen or marvelous hat !!!! ... and bring your instruments too !!


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