Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Conrad !!! Joyeux Anniversaire et Zum Geburtsteg !!

Here we are walking to Augustinerkirche für Europäische Kirchenmusik ... Brahms ... requiem ...

Check out this beautiful church - Augustinerkirche - incredible ... beautiful paintings, ceilings, pews, alter ... and there sits a grand piano ... waiting for the performance ...

I have met her only a few times ... and had the pleasure of dining with her at Gundi and Ali's home ... this is Katrine ... she is the blond woman to the right of the podium. She was the opera soloist ... très fantastique !!!! Imagine hearing this echoing beautiful voice resonating from the walls of this old church ... lucky me !!!

Afterward, Happy Birthday Conrad !!! ... Dinner at Trattoria ... and after, a champagne toast !! Bernd and Conrad -

I also say, Conrad loves Michaele ... and she loves him too !! Prost !


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