Friday, July 08, 2011

Grüß di Gott Alois

Here is my wonderful atelier in Schwaebisch Gmuend. I really enjoy painting here ... it's bright with the skylights and the door open, it's cool, there's electricity for my iPod and laptop ... and there's a sink !! So, for me, it's ideal.

I'm creating a series of paintings celebrating the Parades in Schwaebisch Gmeund. Each year, for five Saturdays in summer, Schwaebisch Gmuend has a parade for people turning 40, then 50, then 60, then 70, and last for the 80s. There are several marching bands and lots of fanfare. All the women in the parade get dressed up - some even in dirndls ... I, however, wore a wonderful conductor's tuxedo jacket that I purchased at CE Roth on Turner St. in Allentown, PA. Nothin' like being 'one of the guys' !!

So, the parade marches through the town and then the birthday celebrators, stop before the Johanniskirche and sing the 'Alois'. Basically, it's a three verse beautiful song that describes a conversation between two men in a pub - at least I think this is the translation. So, in the first verse, man #1 says to man #2, may God bless you, then in verse 2, man #1 says to man #2, please buy me a beer, then in verse 3, man #1 says to man #2, if you don't buy me a beer, you can kiss my a**. Nice sweet Schwaebisch Gmuend ... AND, on the third verse, the singers then turn their backs toward the crowd ... !! It's very funny and yet very emotional ... as you can see in my new painting entitled 'Alois'.


This man was sooo cute from the 60s parade. I took so many photos of him and thought - yes, he's be great in a painting. Like I always say ... 'it's not finished' ... I'll know when it's time to put my brush down ... I think ...

So, today my friend Michael Laenge has invited me to the Gmuender Tagespost for a cup of coffee ... and a small interview. Yesterday, we photographed a couple of the paintings in the town square. Well, I won't comment too much on it for now ... but I believe that I will painting in the town square during the parade ! I don't know HOW I am going to manage that will the thousands of people jammed in the town square ?? !! But, it will be fun I'm sure ... and you know me, not to miss a wonderful opportunity if possible. Stay tuned ...

Alois - detail


This is Reinhard Stalitza. We walked in the parade of 50 together. He is the proprietor of a very lovely frame shop where you can buy art, frames, mirrors and a wonderful selection of greeting cards. He was kind to stretch my large canvases for me !!! Thank you Reinhard.

And .... do you see what's in the window of his shop ?? That's right ... none other than Mr. Martini and his girls ... in beautiful frames and white matting. Excellent !


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