Friday, July 22, 2011

Germans ... designers and engineers

German people on the average love design. And, every person here seems to be a designer in their own right. I never heard the word 'design' spoken more than in Germany. On the opening day of Gmuender Art, I counted hearing the word design. The result: 14

When I was painting in the Marktplatz during the 80s parade, a gusty wind came along and toppled my canvas from its easel. Three German men rushed over to help me. Well then, they immersed themselves in a lengthy discussion (in German) deciding the best way to readjust my easel legs taking in consideration the wind, the gusts from around the church corner, the updraft ... well, you get my drift ... designers ... and engineers. Incredible.

Germans have a natural knack for design. Check out this beautiful space. I photographed the living room from the upstairs library. Fantastic !! Clean, white ... and a perfect mix of old and new. That's what I like also ... but my apartment is more 'old world' ... must correct the balance when (if) I return to the States.

Beautiful dining area ... so light and airy ...

Imagine that this is the view from your home ... not bad !!

Imagine seeing this view from your bathroom ...

imagine seeing this on your dessert plate !!

Now, I don't normally ever eat sweets ... VERY rarely. It's not that I don't enjoy them ... I just don't have the desire for them like I do with more 'savory' foods. I crave fish and salads and pizza and pasta and mussels and, well, you get the picture. BUT, with that being said, WHEN I do finally eat something sweet - like this very same Black Forest Cake - it's like a culinary explosion ... as my Mom would have said 'wow, Wow, WOW' !!!

Yum ... what better to go with Black Forest Cake then a little liqueur. This was sooo good ... like a perfect blend of brandy and rum ... AND, a very cute label to boot !!

Once again, you gotta admire their sense of design !! Incredible ...


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