Monday, July 11, 2011

Dinner at Gundi's

Michaele and I returning Gundi's cart. She had created this for me to pull during the 50s parade. Now I put four herb plants in the cart for Gundi's garden - which is, by the way, fabulous !!

We were treated to a wonderful dinner party at Gundi and Ali's home. It's always an incredible evening ... We usually start with an Aperitif and something to nibble on. Tonight we had Champagne - fruit elixir optional. Delish !!

Gundi preparing in the kitchen

This is the beautiful table that Gundi sets. She created this amazing tomato appetizer ... I can't describe it exactly, but it was a collection of tiny grape tomatoes, with cooked tomatoes and bacon on a tart. That's the basic idea I believe ... it was incredible !!

Gundi spent time out of Germany as well. She's a fabulous designer and lived in Paris for a time. Her home represents a collection from her travels and interests and there is always something fascinating to discover.

Gundi and Michaele dancing in the kitchen

Gundi's dinner

I hesitate to describe how delicious this dinner was because I would not do it justice. How does one describe the taste, the ambiance, the aroma, the music. the friends. It is always such a treat to spend time at Gundi and Ali's. By the way, I do declare that it was quite possibly the best wine I ever tasted ...

Gundi even has a cheese cart that she assembled herself. She rolls it around the table to each diner, and then she assembles the cheese plate for you. It's so 'Paris' I must say !!

Saying good-night ... and one last look at the beautiful table setting and the warm atmosphere ...

C'était très fantastique et délicieuse. Merci Gundi et Ali !!! xoxo


Blogger Stephanie said...

I love Gundi's place and her meal looked fantastic. I'm glad you're having such a great time. I think your parade series of paintings is going to be wonderful. I wish I had a picture of the time I drove my convertible in Dunedin's Mardi Gras parade with two beautiful drag queens riding in the back. I love a parade, but the most fun is to be in the parade.

4:47 PM  

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