Monday, July 25, 2011

As of today ...

As of today I have extended my wonderful European trip until the very last day of August !! Yeah !! That makes me sooo happy ! I love it here ... so much to do, so many places to see, concerts to hear, friends to share time with and outdoor cafes to visit ... and speaking of ... guess where my new exhibition entitled 'The Parade People' will be ...

Paulaner Hefeweizen Bier

The beautiful Paulaner restaurant and outdoor cafe

The Paulaner outside ... sitting and enjoying a Hefeweizen bier and watching the clouds. That's the lantern featuring the 'Einhorn' ... the beloved symbol of Schwaebisch Gmuend ... ahhhh ....

From inside looking out toward the Johanniskirche

The view from inside the Paulaner. The very sweet and quaint restaurant is up the stairs. It's very Bavarian ... featuring dark paneling and white walls and pretty gingham curtains ... I really enjoy it there ... always a petite salad (salad with potatoes) mit ein großes Bier, bitte !!

Now, if you guessed The Paulaner for my exhibition from my subtle hints ... you are correct !!! I thought about it and thought about it ... and it really is such a good place for them. The space will hold exactly nine 1 meter x 80 cm paintings ... exactly !! AND, it's bright and cheery ... and lots and lots of people go there to enjoy their lunch. I was there on Sunday for a little salad and large bier and the dining room was packed solid !!! Soooo ... I think it's the best place ... and what better place to have an art opening than a beer hall !!! So ... the Paulaner it is !!

I will keep you posted on the 'when and where' ... and keep a night open in early August ... hopefully I will see YOU at the Paulaner with The Parade People !!! Prosit !


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