Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stuttgart, Germany

I spent the day today walking and exploring Stuttgart. I have been there a few times before, but I wanted to visit the Staatsgalerie to familiarize myself again with the modern German painters.

Michaele enlightened me to the paintings of Emil Nolde years ago - and now I also am very drawn to his paintings.
Conrad and I sped off this morning in his incredible BMW and after arriving and visiting beautiful d'Orado in Stuttgart, I placed my city plan in my pocket and was off for my adventure of the day. First stop: the outdoor market.

Outdoor Market:

The farmers’ market in Stuttgart is held in the town center on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Producers from the local area set up their stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables, baked goods, handmade cheeses, meat (both fresh and smoked), honey, wine, chutneys, jams and candies. A good variety of plants and flowers is also on sale.


Beautiful herbs and flowers ...

Maybe I should end the outdoor market entry with the saxophonist playing with a parrot on his head. Whenever the musician would stop playing, the parrot would 'squwak' ... it's very nice to have fans that want you to keep playing ...

My friend Jean-Jacques plays saxophone for the Monte Carlo Orchestra ... maybe playing at the Salle des Princes Grimaldi Forum with a parrot on his head would be a nice added touch !!


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Oil Painting

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