Monday, August 16, 2010

Preparing dinner in my pretty kitchen

The first dinner I prepared for myself in my pretty 'French' kitchen

Home again ....

Opening a bottle of 'Arrogant Frog'
French Pinot Noir

Cooking Moules and Angel hair pasta

Dinner is served

Two baby doves ... born on my garden porch when I was in France

So, I arrived safe and sound ... and even had the luxury of wifi internet on the Trans-bridge bus !! That's a first. Jim and Diana met me at the bus station in humid and sticky Allentown, PA ... and brought me home to my apartment after seven glorious weeks in the beautiful French Riviera.

Two new additions to the apartment: baby doves that I named Luc and Kate - after French Kiss. What to prepare in my pretty kitchen ? Well, why not Moules-pasta ... with a French Pinot Noir ....

Parfait I say !


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