Saturday, August 07, 2010

Exploring Eze

Well, this is my 'Abbey Road' moment ... Isabelle is driving and we're headed to Eze - an incredible medieval village perched on a mountain overlooking the sea ...

driving past the sea ... beautiful boats and a huge cruise ship !

Looking up to Eze

The ancient stone village of Eze

beautiful turns and twists

Heading to the Chateau Eza for a cocktail

Imagine dining here ...

How classy ... a beer ... AND my sneakers which I cropped out of the photo !
Beautiful terrace - Chateau Eza

Dining with Isabelle at 'Le Nil d'Aigle'

Incredibly delicious Pancetta with grilled veggies and Socca ... a Nice speciality

Chocolate cake and espresso

Beautiful setting

Frederic our very sweet and accommodating waiter (after he changed from his black shirt and pants)
Strolling through Eze at night ... was such a lovely evening

I have to head out to Antibes but will comment later on this very incredible night !!!


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