Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brussels, Belgium

Arriving at Brussels airport

Riding the elevator with mirrors - a self-photo op with my incredible Olympus e620

Grabbing the - Mercedes - bus to City Center

drizzling ... but atmospheric

Finding a cozy lane with cafés lining both sides -- HOW to choose ?

Selecting a beautiful and cozy spot complete with fireplace

Savouring incredible Moules-Frites and Leffe Biere - Incroyable !!

The main square of Brussels at night

Charming townhouses

The breathtaking tower in Brussels' main square

My 1st class accommodations - the floor of Brussels airport

So, I had arranged my connecting flight from Brussels to Newark to depart the next morning ... this would give me an evening to explore downtown Brussels, enjoy Moules-Frites and Leffe Biere and then arrive in Newark the next day at 12:30pm, with plenty of time to catch the 2:30 bus to Allentown (ugh).

It was exciting exploring a new city ... so ... I grabbed the bus to Brussels city, hailed a cab to the main square and began my exploration for the perfect café for Moules-Frites and Leffe Biere. There's a wonderful narrow lane boasting café after café, and I found the perfect one for me. The waiter sat me at an inside table across from the fireplace - how romantic - and situated near the front open wall of the restaurant so I could easily view the passers-by. Heaven - again.

I ordered the Moules-Frites Moulinière , du pain and a Leffe Biere - grand ! The mussels were plump and tender and the frites were cooked to perfection ... yum ! The Leffe beer - one of my favorites - was delish !!

And of course, given the choice, I would have wanted to be with my future French husband ... but, I will not let being on my own stop me from having a wonderful adventure !! C'etait trés fantastique !

The thing that wasn't trés fantastique was then sleeping - or trying to - on the very hard floor of the Brussels airport with the very bright over-head lights !! Little did I know that if I only had gone to the destination of my gate, there were cushy black leather sofas to sleep on ... and an open bar ...

What a wonderful seven weeks. What incredible experiences for sure. I HOPE that it all happens again for me next year ... remember Monsieur Rambaud that you invited me back for another exhibition -- and I have your invitation on video !!!

J'accepte et Merci de tout mon coeur !!


Blogger Caroline Bray Art said...

Moules-frites + Leffe = heaven! This is a lovely blog, I'm very impressed with your cooking adventures and drinking of an arrogant frog...I'm already looking foward to popping back :) Have a great week!

2:28 PM  

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