Wednesday, July 07, 2010

WIFI Connection

Well, isn't it always something ... I moved from the beautiful home of Monique to the beautiful home of Wolf and Isabelle. The only problem is that I find it impossible to get online. I put in the KEY PHRASE and it gives me an error message. Whaaaaaat is the problem ?????

I had this same problem in Germany last year ...

After the terrible criminals stole everything that I had last year from the beautiful Villa Fontaine, my brother was kind to bring me a replacement computer .... and the thing is that he paid extra to have it 'serviced' ... so I am wondering if the service people might have activated something that I don't know how to bypass that will prevent me from accessing WIFI ???

So, what that means essentially is that I am using someone else's computer and I am unable to download my wonderful and fascinating photos of beautiful Antibes ... for now that is.

Aha .... a phone call to my friend Patrick who was a top guy at Hewlett Packard .... if anyone can help me it's probably him ... so stay tuned and hopefully soon I can share my wonderful images with you !!!

Bonjournee ...


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