Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday, July 21st - Dejeuner and the Beach

Dejeuner at Key West cafe

Salade Nicoise, Vin Rouge and du Pain

Salade Nicoise

Walking toward the beautiful place that I lived in last year for three months ... Villa Fontaine

Villa Fontaine

Strolling past the sailboats at Plage de la Salis

It's always a nice day when you start out with a tasty Salade Nicoise, a demi-pitcher of Vin Rouge and some crusty bread. I decided to have my lunch at a little cafe on Blvd. Aguillon at a place that my brother Jim and our girlfriend Diana used to frequent last year ... Key West Cafe.

I don't every mind enjoying a meal by myself ... I relish in the taste of the wonderful salade, bursting with fresh ingredients, I savour the depth of the red wine ... and enjoy the crunch of good bread. Of course I always have my camera with me ... and there is sooo much to photograph !

After my dejeuner, I strolled to the beach - Plage de la Gravette - my favorite beach in Antibes Juan les Pins. It's nestled in a cove and the views of the old buildings and the gleaming yachts is second to none. Now where did I put my bikini top ??

After laying on the beach for a little over an hour, I decided to walk back to Wolf and Isabelle's home. They live at the edge of Vallauris. I don't know the exact distance ... but maybe it's five or six miles. It's a beautiful walk along the beach the whole way ... and then by the gardens of Parc Exflora. Of course that whole time the bright sun was beaming down on my face, neck and shoulders. So ... a bit of color.

Last night Isabelle and I attended the Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette concert. If you've ever attended a Keith Jarrett concert, you would be familiar with the strict rules placed upon the attendee. Absolutely NO photographs during the concert or during the bowing at the end. No smoking (thank God), no clapping until it's appropriate or walking above a tip-toe ... and he also would prefer no loud cars driving by or noise of any kind. You need to be focused and attentive. Of course all great artists would like that, but many times you have people attending concerts not showing that kind of demanded respect. It's quite an experience.

The concert was great. I may even have preferred it to the one that I experienced at Jazz a Juan two years ago. BUT ... my favorite piece that I was privileged to hear Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette play was in the concert two years ago. The first part of the concert was completely improvisation .... sometimes I get lost with that ... it's 'thinking' and 'mind wandering' music for me ... but after the intermission ... Keith and musicians came back and played the most beautiful rendition of 'When I Fall in Love, It will be Forever' ... absolutely staying in my soul - incredible ... beautiful ...


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