Saturday, July 17, 2010

Painting in the Pinede

This is the famous and lovely Pinede - pine grove ... located just behind the Jazz a Juan area. Two years ago I sat in the Pinede and listened to James Blunt - a sold out concert at Jazz a Juan. I haven't returned back to listen in the Pinede because I was very fortunate to be invited inside the event, but for those who don't have a ticket ... it's a very beautiful way to spend the evening ... picnicking in the Pinede. People bring blankets and baskets, wine and cheese ... there are mothers and fathers, children dancing ... lovers and friends ... it's really heaven ...

So today I decided to lug my paints, canvases, easel and brushes to paint in the Pinede. WHAT a great day !!!! I met lovely Danielle ... who visited with me all day. She also is an artist and we hope to meet tomorrow morning in the same place. Visitors came by, photographed my paintings ... and me ... (it's a bit embarrassing) and this evening there was an INCREDIBLE jazz trio playing in the Pinede - concert grand piano, upright bass, brushes on the drums ... pure heaven I tell you .... every day here ....

La Pinede
30" x 30" acrylic (76.2 cm x 76.2 cm)
600 euros

So, VERY terrible photo of this painting ... and I promise to rephotograph it tomorrow and repost it. I am pleased with this painting ... it's a bit on the naive side, but happy ... and that's exactly how I felt painting in the beautiful Pinede ... under the pine trees ... listening to sophisticated and lovely jazz .... paradise !

And after painting all afternoon ... I came home (home - hee hee ) to Camembert, fresh red ripe tomatoes, baguette, salade and red wine ... parfait !!!

Please God ... let my future French husband find me soon ... time's a wastin' !!


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