Thursday, July 08, 2010

July 8th

The beautiful plage de la gravette. Nicholas de Stael lived and worked in the white house on the corner.

Ahhhh ... what a beautiful day ! I woke up early - 6:30 a.m. - made some coffee au creme and then headed to Antibes to search for beautifully woven jacquard kitchen towels. For the last three summers I bought French towels and tablecloths from the same vendor - a very cute young french sweetie ... and each year he gives me a small gift in appreciation. This year he gave me 7 towels for the price of 6 AND threw in a cute little soft teddy bear for my God daughter Elyse ... how wonderful ... until the woman next to me said 'I just bought from him yesterday and I didn't GET a teddy bear' ... ahhh ... la magie de charme.

So, afterward I sat at the Marche Provencal, ate my salade nicoise and sipped my red wine ... and then headed for the plage de la gravette - my favorite beach in Antibes. Bathing suit tops - optional ... The blue, blue, blue Mediterranean was incredible ... not too warm, not cold ... just cool to the skin ... and I swam and floated and watched the yachts and the sailboats ... such paradise here ... art, music, sun, sea, yachts, frenchmen, salade nicoise, wine ... I love it avec tout mon coeur ...

Attention all men of France. If you would like an American wife who is an artist ... I love to cook, play music, watch foreign films ... and if you have a Chateau or Villa in the beautiful Garoupe with piscine and bidet ... please contact me asap !

Tomorrow I will get up early, walk to the beach for a little sun, return to paint, and then ... go to the Opera at Eilenroc !!! I've been invited to attend and there are already some guests from Antibes' sister city of Newport Beach, CA that have arleady arrived for the festivities. And, just tonight I met Justin - he's a wine marketer from Newport Beach - right up my alley! Tonight we dined with Wolf at the Marche Provencal - Moules Frites and Leffe Biere ... I will say that the Moules were sadly disappointing - in fact, I've had MUCH better from the frozen section of King's Market in Allentown ... but still ... just to be here ... is ... heaven ... !!

Just to give you an idea of a beautiful wedding in Antibes ... this is very typical ... beautiful car with decorations, cobblestone drive ... and the historic and lovely Cathedral of Antibes ... perfect for me and my future French husband !!


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