Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HAPPY BASTILLE DAY !! La Fête Nationale

Happy La Fête Nationale !! One of my favorites days of the year -- being an expatriate that is ... well, a wishful ex-pat. My dream, and EVERYBODY who knows me knows this ... that all I want to do is to live in France. Antibes, France that is. The art, culture, music, sun, sea, food, wine, language and, of course, the French kiss ... (still waiting patiently ... well, impatiently). Julia ... WHERE is my fhasap ?????!!!!!!

And, I do also, and with all my heart, love Schwaebisch Gmuend and the lovely, lovely friends that I am lucky to have there ... but, I've always been drawn to the sea ... so, maybe I live in Antibes and spend lots of time in Schwaebisch Gmuend. Voila ! A perfect match !

So, off for a quick siesta then Isabelle and I are attending the Garden Party with the eight sister cities and the Mayor of Antibes Juan les Pins, Monsieur le Maire Jean Leonetti .... then Jazz a Juan !!!

Tres fantastique !!

More later ... enjoy Bastille Day !!!!


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