Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday's Paella and dinner with Kinsale friends

Today, July 16th, Audouin - the mayor of tourisme and head of the sister cities of Antibes - held a party for all of the elite guests - well, elite guests plus me. It was a grand Paella party with white linen tablecloths, more bottles of wine that we consumed, delicious food and an incredible band. Also, the most beautiful location ... in a grove under plane trees ... or as we know them - Sycamore trees. Lovely !!

The beautiful grove complete with stage, band ... and flags from all the countries of Antibes' sister cities. The American sister city is Newport Beach, Ca.

Monsieur Dahan - he's in charge of Museums in Antibes, Audouin Rambaud - the adjoint mayor of Antibes in charge of tourisme, events, sister cities, Colombe d'Or (magic show) .. and a whole bunch of other stuff too numerous to mention ... and Jacqueline - with the Jumelage - sister city organziation.

Simmering Shrimp for the Paella

Wolf and Isabelle

Monsieur Dahan and Moi !!

Paella !!

Pretty eyes ...

Isabelle set the table fit for a wedding ... !

Dinner at Wolf and Isabelle's

Irish folk from beautiful Kinsale ... a sister city of Antibes


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