Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dinner at Wolf's ... with the greatest music !

This is the beautiful table that Isabelle set for dinner for 10 guests. Included were three professors of music from the Antibes Conservetoire, members of the Antibes Jumelages (hee hee including myself), Gipsy - a professional pianist who entertains on cruises on the Mediterranean and ALL of us lovers of great food, wine and music.

Such a lovely dinner of shrimp and calamari, beef and veggies, apple tart and toasted caramel ... wine and champagne ...

Wolf - le 'Chef de Cuisine' - opening a bottle of wine

Dinner is served

Let me begin by saying ... WOW !!! Gipsy on the keyboards and Jean-Jacques Illouz on saxophone. If you don't know Jean-Jacques just Google him ... he's pretty much incroyable ... has played with EVERYONE including Sinatra, Natalie Cole, Michel Legrand and so on and so on ... you name 'em, he's played with them ... a superstar. AND he brought his silver sax with him and played ... and played ... and then even played with me !!! SOOO fantastic of a night !! I do think that everyone really had a great time ... I know that it was one of the MOST incredible nights that I have had ... with great food ... great wine ... great music ... great friends.

Jean-Jacques and Gipsy playing 'My funny valentine' ... a song my Father used to sing to me when tucking me in at night (my birthday is Valentine's Day - and also the day my Father proprosed to my Mother). The next selection, also a favorite of mine was 'When I fall in love, it will be forever' ... you can't get any better than that - n'est-ce pas !

Jean-Jacques on the Sax !!!

The Saxophone of Jean-Jacques Illouz

Tonight Jean-Jacques played the saxophone while I played the piano. Now, in NO way at all am I even qualified to play with such an extroadinary professional .. but, it was dinner with friends .. and all were having fun ... so Jean-Jacques played sax and I on the piano for the beautiful 'What are you doing the rest of your life' by Michel Legrand ... and THEN ... we jammed out to 'US AND THEM' by Pink Floyd ... it was fantastic !!! Well, maybe not David Gilmour fantastic ... but for a dinner party we rocked ... and it was great happiness for Isabelle and me !! And Jean-Jacques asked that we practice - just for fun of course - and try it again ... absolutement I say !! Great night ! Great night ...

Thank you Wolf and Isabelle ... thank you for giving me this night ... this very wonderful night ...


Bon nuit mes amies


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