Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bastille Day

This beautiful presentation of Petite Fours is the work of Wolf and Isabelle Burg (father and daughter). They were created for the event celebrating the eight sister cities of Antibes, France. There was a great party at the Garoupe - the beautiful setting on the hill overlooking the old village of Antibes -with champagne and fireworks ... I'm sure it was an incredible evening ... but, I had two tickets for the Jazz a Juan festival and Isabelle and I were in attendance there.

The 300 petite fours created by Wolf and Isabelle Burg

... did I mention that Isabelle Burg won the competition for best cake decorator in the United Kingdom ... the WHOLE UK !! Her silver trophy was larger than the trophy for the World Cup !

accurately referred to as FIRST PLACE in the INSTITUTE OF BRITISH BAKERS CUP Live Piping - Congratulations Isabelle !!!

This is the entrance to the beautiful olive gardens at Eilenroc. There was a Dixieland band playing as we entered.

Dixieland Band

Monsieur le Maire Jean Leonetti - Mayor of Antibes
and the Mayors from their eight sister cities

Antibes' sister city in America is Newport Beach, California

Attending the beautiful Jazz a Juan concert. I must tell you that it is absolutely fantastic ! The MOST beautiful setting in the world ... sitting under the parasol pine trees, the cigale making their own music, the blue mediterranean just behind the stage ... and what a stage !! I truly feel the greatest joy when I am fortunate to be listening to these great musicians and singers !!

Beautiful Jazz a Juan at night .... paradise !


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