Friday, July 09, 2010

The Absinthe Bar

The Absinthe Bar
Antibes, France

Joining in the revelry in the Absinthe Bar

After our dinner at the Marche Provencale, Wolf, Justin and I visited the wonderful Absinthe Bar located in the downstairs of the beautiful shop above where they sell delicious olive oils, sachets of lavender and pretty plates and bowls from Provence.

The specialty of the Absinthe Bar is of course Absinthe ... so ... I had my first French Absinthe ... not the one they suggested for a woman - 67% - but I chose the one they reserve for men - 75% - alcohol that is. So, you receive your glass of Absinthe and the server places it under the water dispenser ... she places a cube of sugar on a flat spoon and the water drizzles over the sugar melting it in the Absinthe. A real work of imbibing art for sure.

So, it was a lovely, lovely day !!!!! Always beautiful in beautiful Antibes.

WHERE is my future French husband and WHY hasn't he found me yet ???

Today I will go for a long walk, talk a small rest afterwards, and then get ready for the Opera at Eilenroc .... Paradise found ... again !!

Beautiful Sibylle Jounot

The accompianist

So ... this is Wolf. He was accommodating to place the velvet top hat on his head for a photo ... Of course with the OLYPMUS E620 black and white grainy feature it adds to the 'authenticity' of an old French photo ... I was reminded of the artwork of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec !!

The Englishman at the Moulin Rouge
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Now ... isn't the man in the tophat very Wolf ... ??!!


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