Thursday, June 24, 2010

My life in the South of France

This is beautiful Antibes, France. Each morning I power walk for approximately three hours. My newest walk includes the strenuous walk up to the Garoupe ... the large hill which overlooks Cap d'Antibes, Juan les Pins, the old Village of Antibes .. and you can see as far as Nice and Cannes. To put it plainly, it's spectacular !!!!! So, this is a photo from the top of Garoupe. Ahhh ... truly sheer heaven.

This is the lovely area of the Garoupe ... I pass beautiful villas and incredible parasol pines ... it's quiet and peaceful ... and the only unpleasant thing are the blisters and cramps from my too small new Keds. Next time: size 8.

This is the newly acquired mega-sculpture by Jaume Plensa entitled: Le Nomade. I have pro and slightly non pro thoughts about it. First of all ... it's fantastic ! I love that Antibes invests in art - expensive art. I only wish that they would want my paintings also ... the two slightly non pro thoughts about it are:

#1. It's a copy of the original that used to be here three years ago. The original is in Miami, Florida.

#2. I wish that the man in the sculpture didn't have such a rounded back. It's how I see my own ... bent over the computer .... I am also not sure about the shoulders ... and how they reach the neck.

But, don't get me wrong ... it's really wonderful that Antibes cares about art ... especially in this economy ... believe me, I know ALL about the struggles of being an artist in this very trying time that we are living in ....
My favorite sculpture in Antibes is the fantastic sculpture at the pinede where this year they celebrate 50 years of Jazz a Juan !!!!!

So ... tomorrow I attend the Fete de St. Pierre ... the festival of St. Peter ... the fisherman. I'm very excited about it and will takes lots of photos of beautiful sailors.

So until then, a bientot mon ami --

bon nuit

p.s. this was last night's dinner .... yum !!!

Leffe Biere


Salade Nicoise


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