Monday, June 28, 2010

Hemingway of the Sea

Hemingway of the Sea

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the Fete de St. Pierre was held in beautiful Antibes. I strolled around for a bit over the weekend, but on Sunday I had the great pleasure of being asked to join some others in an old fishing boat. They were headed to where the Mayor of Antibes, Jean Leonetti, would toss the wreath of flowers into the sea in honor of the fisherman who passed before and for the fisherman of today. It's really quite a moving ceremony with a Reverened performing a benediction. Of course after the solemnness and the celebration of the benediction, everyone heads to the Village St. Pierre for some cocktails and punch.

I was very happy with this photo ... and although I didn't ask permission at the time, I think Michel, the captain of the boat, was pleased as well.

The mayor from St. Pierre, Martinique was present for the ceremonyl. It was his first time in Antibes ... and then he invited me to share dinner with him and his friends in Nice .... Hmmm ... ok ... so after a quick wash and outfit change, I returned to the Village St. Pierre and off we went to the train station. The trains are clean and efficient and quiet ... and it was nice to learn about a land where I know nothing of. I've been to Europe nine times, but never to the Caribbean. The mayor of St. Pierre was kind to invite me to have a painting exhibition there ... so, who knows what the future will bring.

It was late when I returned to the beautiful villa with garden in the center of Antibes ... but I awoke early, walked to the Cap and climbed the rocky steps to the Garoupe. Gosh ... it was difficult ... and next Sunday the sailors of Antibes will carry the stature of Notre Dame de Bon Port ... BAREFOOT !! And, It's been done the same way for over 1000 years ... incroyable !

Attention American women: This is what a French sailor looks like ! And he's as kind as he is beautiful - thanks Mathieu !!


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