Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sex and the City ... and Prints Charming ...

Mr. Martini

Ok ... here he is: Mr. Martini.
He was the first painting of the series of 14 cocktail 'portraits' that I created. He's the classic traditional martini - Gin with a hint of vermouth (ok, vodka is also acceptable to some), an olive ... and either shaken or stirred and then strained in a chilled martini glass. I have a deep connection with this painting and a bond with this wonderful classic man ... at least ... until I find the 'real' one.

Enter Ms. Manhattan

Ms. Manhattan

Ms. Manhattan is the sexy, free-spirited, voluptuous and fun girlfriend of Mr. Martini. They are the classic couple. Intertwined as the traditional and respected standard. The real deal. I love them together .. even with the occasional flirtation with the ubiquitous Ms. Cosmopolitan !

Ms. Cosmopolitan

Ms. Cosmopolitan

Ms. Cosmopolitan - she's trendy and fresh and pretty. She's refreshing and cool and sexy ... and she's the perfect girl for 'Sex and the City 2" ! Her only drawback ... she's soooo delicious that you might want to have more than one ... or two ...

Ms. Margarita

Ms. Margarita

Ms. Margarita:
Is there a more refreshing drink than a Margarita on a warm summer day ? The frosty glass in your hand, the swirling ice cubes ... the chunky salt ... and that first sip of lime and tequila ... 'wow, wow, wow' ... nothin' better ... on a hot afternoon ...

Ms. Cabernet

Ms. Cabernet

Mmmm ... a fresh green salad with bleu cheese ... crusty pizza crust with Canadian bacon cubes and over easy eggs ... crushed pepper and sea salt ... and a crystal glass of oaky cabernet ... sultry and rich and deep ...

Ms Chardonnay

Ms. Chardonnay

Ms. Chardonnay ... sunny and bright and fresh ... served in a chilled glass ... the warm mistral ... cigales crooning to their lovers ... jazz bands ... and romance ...

Which cocktail print are you ? .... maybe all of them ... Ahhh amour ... C'est parfait ... n'est-ce pas ?

These 24" x 18" signed and numbered prints are available by contacting the artist:


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