Monday, March 29, 2010

The Cocktail Series • Mr. Martini and friends

Mr. Martini

The Cocktail Series • Mr. Martini and friends

This is Mr. Martini. He is one oil painting 'personality' in a collection of fourteen. After holding on to them since their creation, I am now considering selling the complete collection. These paintings would be great in a trendy Martini Bar or spirited restaurant.

The largest of the series measures 5'' x 7' (213.36 cm x 152.40 cm) and boasts a carv
ed goldtone custom frame. This painting, a spoof on Renoir's Luncheon of the boating party, features each of the cocktail personalities.

Luncheon of the Beverage Party

These cocktail paintings were featured in my first European exhibition - The Pleasures of Life - and prints of these paintings have been sold all over the world.

Ms. Manhattan

You can view the complete collection of Cocktail portraits on my website:

Just click on 'The Adult Beverage series' located under the
Quick Gallery Viewer.

In addition to the fourteen paintings, six of these paintings are also available in signed and numbered limited edition prints. Several 'celebrity' chefs and restaurateurs own prints of them including Harry Cipriani and Emeril Lagasse.

For any additional information on these or any other paintings featured on my website, or to order the set of signed and numbered prints, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at:

Mr. Martini

Ms. Manhattan

Ms. Chardonnay

Ms. Cabernet

Ms. Margarita

Ms. Cosmopolitan


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