Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Final Reception, departure and a new day

This is the last evening of my journey in Antibes, France. There is a 'cocktail' for me ... strange that they say that because no cocktails are served ... but it's held in the 'Salle de Mariage' - the 'Wedding Room' in Hotel d'Ville - City Hall. I have donated three 'official' paintings to the town of Antibes this year. The 'Trumpet' painting which hangs in the Conservatoire de Musique, 'Antibes' which is a gift to the city ... and 'Justice' which will hang in the new Hall of Justice in Antibes.

Madame Simone Torres Foret Dodelin, mayor of culture and Monsieur Audouin Rambaud, mayor of tourisme deliver their speeches ... and me too - in my very limited French ... yikes !Madame Simone Torres Foret Dodelin, the mayor of culture, presents to me a beautiful book on Antibes and a lovely silver clock.
Mayor of Safranier - Zézé Marconi - et moi

Afterwards, Paulette, Wolf, Audouin, Patricia and I have one last moment together
The artists of Marche Provencal invite me for dinner
Jean-Paul opens a bottle of Vin Rosé d'Provence

Above the clouds
Flying over charming Germany
Notice the change in the weather ... hot, muggy, foggy and depressing Newark, New Jersey

Jim, Diana and I stop at the Brass Rail for typical PA cuisine ... cheesesteaks, fries and a beer - why YES ... I DO enjoy hot peppers !!

However ... the next morning I wake up early ... and this is the view from my bedroom ... the weather is cool, the skies are clear ... and now I must begin to work very diligently again.

I had a wonderful time in Antibes for sure. It certainly fleeted by ... and, except for the creeps who stole from me, it was incredible. (if anyone in Antibes finds a silver 80g iPod, an HP dv7 computer, an Olympus e620 camera with lenses and two Razr cell phones PLEASE grab them and contact me). I'd be happy to reward you with a painting or two.

I recall with great fondness my walk and mass for 'Notre Dame de bon port', the artists of the artists' market, the Marche Provencal, the Voiles d'Antibes, the Bataille de Fleurs, the cous-cous party, my Jeep ride in l'Esterel mountains, the Pied Noir Paella, Jazz a Juan, Musiques au Coeur, my travels through many of the towns of the Cote d'Azur ... and of course the Villa Fontaine. It was a dream for me to be there ... the view of clay rooftops, sailboats and the sea from my bedroom, cooking in the petite turret of a kitchen, dinners on my Provencal tablecloth and on the terrace ... my petite friends - the cats and the doves who came every day to visit me ...

... and to the people who took the time to share moments with me, to lend a hand, to share a meal, to enjoy ... to become ... friends.

I will always think of you with a great outpouring of love.



Blogger Sandra Galda said...

I have enjoyed following your adventures!

9:13 AM  
Blogger Isabelle said...

Well it has certainly been a pleasure for all of us to meet you!Including Sarko and Harry!
Antibes misses you for sure!
A bientôt!

5:53 AM  
Blogger Isabelle said...

By the way...those cheesesteaks and hot peppers look really yummy !!!

5:54 AM  

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