Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Justice - the painting

Justice - the painting
80 cm x 130 cm

On June 23rd, early in the morning, robbers climbed the locked gate at Villa Fontaine and slipped inside the villa to steal everything that I have worked for in the last year. My computer with over 2000 photos, my incredible Olympus e620 camera and lenses, my 80g iPod, my two Razr cell phones (one American, one French) and my purse and all of its contents including my passport and drivers' license. They were ruthless and their crime crippled me financially for sure. They used my credit cards as well and in one store bought over $460 worth of alcoholic beverages. Nice people, huh? ... and they never even invited me to the party.

It was at this time that I was approached to create a painting for the very new Hall of Justice in Antibes. I know very little about justice in the court system and attorney offices ... but I do know of justice in my every day life. And I decided to draw upon my tragic experience and the rallying of friends and family.

Well, in the darkest moments you are able to see the brightest light. In three cities in three separate countries, friends and relatives rallied and came to my aid. In America, my brother brought me another computer, I received another incredible Olympus e620, my sister prevented the cancellation of my health insurance and my cousins commissioned two paintings. My friends in Schwaebisch Gmuend gave me a gift of a plane ticket so I could see them after four long years and also attend and photograph the wedding of my friends Michael and Julia. We shared dinners and champagne ... and even celebrated with the new Oberburgermister Richard Arnold. My friends in Antibes also took me under their wing - thank you for the much enjoyed and appreciated dinners and concerts, boat rides and jeep rides - and to my friends - the artists of the Marche Provencal - you welcomed me in with open arms. I will always think upon my happy evenings spent with you.

So, in addition to this ... each day I awake in a beautiful room with old wooden beams across the ceiling in a historic villa in the French Riviera. There's a large picture window overlooking clay rooftops, lush gardens, sailboats and the blue Mediteranean sea. Each day I stroll past the villas and mansions of Cap d'Antibes and return to the coziness of the ancient old village of Antibes. Every morning I discover and rediscover the sights, sounds and tastes of the Marche Provencal. Every day I stroll past the yachts and sailing vessels of Port Vauban. This is my justice - to live a rich life. To enjoy all that has been offered to me. And it's a lot.

So, I thank all of you who have been there to help me ... I appreciate it so very much. You are the reason I am able to become restored and happy ... and what better justice is there than that ?


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