Thursday, August 20, 2009

Justice ... the painting

Justice ... painting in progress
97 cm x 130 cm
38.18 inches x 51.18 inches

One of the requirements of having the great honor of being selected as the artist in residence in the Villa Fontaine, Antibes, France ... is to create a painting for the city. Well, last year I left seven paintings with the city including the 'Red Violin' painting. I'm very happy about leaving a bit of myself - my art - in beautiful Antibes ... as well as my sister-city of Schwaesbisch Gmuend.

So ... this year I donated the 'Trumpet' painting to the Music 'Conservatory' ... but I also painted a lovely view of Antibes for City Hall. In addition, I have been asked to paint a large canvas that will hang in the entrance of the new Hall of Justice. It's a very clean, stark, modern space so it's been said that they are hoping for something modern and colorful.

I had many feelings about Justice since being approached about this painting. I've been robbed of every investment that I made for my trip to Antibes. My computer, two Razr cell phones, 80g iPod, usb cables .... three lenses ... and my fabulous Olympus e620 - effiin rat bastards - excuse my french. So ... Justice ... well ... I think ok, ok ... I've been robbed. BUT ... I look out the large double windows in my upstairs bedroom ... and what do I see? The clay rooftops of a beautiful stone villa, cobblestones, pine trees and bouganvilla, sailboats and yachts, blue sky ... and the rich cool blue of the beautiful Mediterranean.

With the tragedy of my robbery, friends came forth to lend a hand. Some with much needed money, my wonderful camera, another with dining and companionship, another with a jeep ride in the red rocks of Var, a boatride off the shores of beautiful Cannes, friends offering the means to travel to Schwaebisch Gmuend ... and the artists of the Marche Provencal welcoming me with open arms. So ... justice ... I don't know about what happens in the courtroom or the lawyer's office ... but justice to me ... is being here .. in paradise. The ancient history, the beauty, the smells and the tastes and the way people live ... but most of all the kindness of friends and family from Antibes to Schwaebisch Gmuend to 4000 miles away in Allentown, Pa. Thank you so much for being the light in the darkness.

The one thing that I bought myself - thank you Gundi ! - was a woven market basket. I went through the piles at the Marche Provencal ... and voila ! after inspecting them all, I purchased the VERY first one I had seen. I would like to use this wonderful basket at the Farmer's Market in Allentown when I return. I don't like the thought of so many plastic bags and there is a simple pleasure to carrying a wonderful basket from the South of France. It has nice sturdy leather handles and still carries the earthy aroma of farmland.

So, off to the market to purchase some wonderful eats. Even in Allentown I enjoy eating 'Mediterranean' style. I buy lots of tomatoes and salad and peppers and garlic. I grill fish several times a week ... but I only wish I could afford better wine to accompany my delicious meals. I'm a bit spoiled by the incredible wines that I shared with Michaele, Conrad, Gundi and Ali. Rich oaky reds that awaken my senses and distinguish it as something special. Usually my wallet settles for the Zinfandel from Chile - which don't get me wrong - I still enjoy wholeheartedly !!

sautéing salmon with tomatoes, onions, chili pepper, garlic, parsely ... and ravioli with spinach and parmesan cheese.
becoming a master of the petite stove in the petite Villa Fontaine - so I have everything I need - oh, except for a rich, hot, available french boyfriend !!
buying shrimp at the market - yes, always with heads attached.
Another wonderful and healthy dinner enjoyed on my terrace of the Villa Fontaine
My incredible view at dusk

So, I will keep you informed of the Justice painting. Since this painting will hang on the wall of the Hall of Justice as you enter the building, it is most important to me to do the best that I can do. I try to transcend that philosophy in all aspects of my life. Cuisine, art, design, studio, home ... and friends.

Once again, to those of you who helped me in my great time of need and showed me kindness - to me, yours is the greatest value of justice and in painting this painting I think of you.



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