Saturday, August 08, 2009

Julia and Michael's Wedding Day

Ok ... so I have arrived. Everything in Germany runs without a hitch. I land on time. Gundi is at the airport waiting for me. We drive in her awesome BMW SUV. Michaele and Conrad are waiting for me with Champagne. `My´ apartment where they let me stay is spic and span spotlessly clean. Like I said without a hitch. I love that about Germany - they are efficient and generous and loving. I try to live my life this way - but, I am no expert like they are.

Gundi´s Dinner Party

You may have to wait for me to return to Antibes for me to upload photos. For some reason I cannot get my WIFI to work. Always some challenge, nes pas?

So anyway, last night Gundi had a lovely dinner party. What can I say about my dear friend Gundi. She is unique, creative, fun, generous, loving ... and I´m sure great at everything. Of course that is `typical´German. People here strive for excellence. Steriotypically speaking, they speak several languages, play musical instruments, eat great food, appreciate great art ... and don´t clutter their lives collecting piles of stuff like we see in America. Their homes are spotless and uncluttered. That´s pretty much everybody.

Ok, ok, getting back to Gundi ... she had the good fortune to live in Paris for several years ... and it shows in her home. She has a flair for the dramatic and whimsical. She decorates with animal patterns and large mirrors. Her gardens are lush and perfectly maintained. And, of course, she´s a great cook. Last night she brought out the grill and cooked sausages - several different kinds ... and served a wonderful `Polish´ potato salad ... but my favorite item on the menu was her mouth-watering grilled German bread. Picture this taste: hearty bread sliced thin ... with a sauce of the best olive oil mixed with butter ... heavy on the garlic ... and topped with an herb combination of rosemary, tumeric and sage. It was whipped into a cream ... and it soaked into the crevices of the crusty bread. Delisch !!!!!!! I am definitely going to recreate that in the States ... IF I must go back.

Left to right ... Michaele, Conrad, Gundi and Ali - opening the Prosecco !!

Chef Gundi at the grill - sausages and incredible bread with oil, butter, garlic, sage, tumeric and rosemary ... FANTASTIC !!!
Gundi and Ali's fabulous outside garden table
did I mention an 'wunderbar' bar ... well, actually a 'weinkeller'

Today it is beautiful outside ... so, I´m going to load up my incredible Olympus camera, pack my different lenses and step out to revisit the town. It´s been four years since I´ve had the great pleasure of being here ... and it feels absolutely right. I´ve had the great fortune to make extremely wonderful friends here ... lifelong friends. And for me to come back to Schwaebisch Gmuend feels like coming home again. Schwaebisch Gmuend is quaint and lovely ... exactly what you picture a village in Germany to be. The Muenster Church is from the 13th century ... and the Musik School dates back to the year 1380 - just to give you an idea of the history ... so, off I am ...

And at 4:30 today ... the wedding of Michael and Julia !!!!!

... guess who the photographer is ...



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