Saturday, August 01, 2009

Dinner at Wolf's home

this is Chef Wolf Berg preparing to carve the roast
12 guests seated at the table
arranging the vegetables ... incroyable !!
the masterpiece
carving the roast
dinner is served
Le 'flambée'
ice cream and cake with meringue a la flambée aka: 'Glace au Four' or 'Baked Alaska'
Jim entertaining us on his fabulous Spanish guitar - yes, he also speaks highly of 'Martin' guitar

So ... another dinner at Wolf Berg's home. You always know that you are in store for a culinary masterpiece for sure. Last time dinner was Beef Wellington, assortments of veggies and breads and sauces ... and a kiwi strawberry pie that could rival Hess' department store. (don't worry ... only people from the Northeast of US of A will understand this comparison).

Tonight's dinner party started out with champagne ... or any cocktail that you might prefer ... and then the master chef arranges the vegetable platter of baked zucchini stuffed with tomatoes surrounding a bed of sauteed onions and topped with a pesto sauce ... and then comes the roast - brilliantly roasted to perfection ... it's an art just watching the careful carving of each delectable slice. Several bottles of rouge and rose wine ... in large crystal glasses ... when we toast our glasses, it's like the ringing of churchbells ...

Not to be outdone ... bring on the baked Alaska. Or in France, it's entitled Glace au four. There is ice cream - strawberry - surrounded by an Angel cake ... and then topped with Meringue applied with a pastry bag to create beautiful patterns ... and then topped with flaming brandy and
flambéed ... a real treat for the visual, olfactory and the tasting senses !!!

Afterward, Jim, an accomplished classical guitarist entertains us with beautiful and soulful selections ... and one of my favorites: ' La Mer'.

Can life get any better than this ?



Blogger Stephanie Newhart said...

That dinner looks fantastic. I especially love that vegetable dish. I hope you saved me a piece.

7:29 PM  

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