Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Cooking on the petite stove in the petite cuisine

Let me tell you just a little bit about France. In one word: I love it. Ok, ok ... that's three words, no? I'm going to feel like a poisson out of l'eau when I get back to S. Hall St. I can't even imagine the angst I will feel in leaving this beautiful heaven on earth. So ... that being said ... the ONE thing that I did not do up until yesterday evening was use the petite stove in the petite kitchen in the petite Villa Fontaine. Reason being - you have to turn on the gas from the knob on the wall ... turn the dial on the stove for the preferred unit ... light a match and bring the match to the gas being released at the burner. So ... fearing the worst catastrophe in the historic Villa Fontaine, I relinquished creating fabulous meals cooked on the stove ... However, I ate fabulous baguettes with frommage, tomatoes, basil and mustard ... every evening.

Well, things are about to change - and change they will ! Last evening I was presented with a gift of Ravioli. Not just ANY ravioli mind you ... but a specialty hand-made ravioli particular to this region of France. 'uh-oh' I said to myself ... yikes ... I guess this means tackling the complications of the petite stove. So ... returning home with my care-package, I turned the knob for the gas on the wall ... lit a match ... turned the knob for the left front unit ... and bingo ... we have Cooking !!! WHAT was I waiting for all this time !!

In this wonderful giftbag was a combination of three ravioli. 'Pesto' Ravioli (for that one person in the world that doesn't know pesto it's a mix of basil, a little olive oil and sometimes pine nuts and parmesian cheese - although in Provence it's 'pestou' and made with basil, olive oil and garlic only - while cheese may be added, usually there are no nuts - except the ones you invite for dinner), 'Champignon' (mushroom) Ravioli ... and the third 'Pate' Ravioli (excuse that I still cannot figure out how to add the accent mark over the 'e'). The care package also came with a hearty red sauce - Mmmm ... incroyable !! Oh ... did I mention ... also complete with chilled bottle of Rose (also no accent above the 'e'). What a friend indeed !!!

Preparing dinner

My petite cuisine (kitchen) in the petite Villa Fontaine - complete with stained glass kitchen window.

My beautiful living room / dining room / art studio

The view to the terrace

The upstairs bathroom - complete with petite sink and incredible bidet

My gorgeous second floor bedroom

With views of clay rooftops and views of the sea ... and complimentary cat 'Sarko'
... named after the President of France (Nicolas Sarkozy)

So ... that was my incredible dinner. It would have been wonderful to share this with someone ... unfortunately, no beautiful French person sitting across from me enjoying the view, the wine, le diner .... et moi. But even alone ... it's still incroyable.

Then ... as a wonderful bonus to a lovely evening ... a full moon - well, almost ... as my brother Jim would say ... it's really only 31/32nds. This photo was taken from my beautiful terrace.

Nix Besser as my Dad would say.



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