Thursday, July 09, 2009

Today I met Patrick

Patrick - with his authentic Jeep from WWII - encroyable !!

Today I met Patrick. Patrick is very smart and efficient and knowledgeable with the computer -- just like me. He was employed by Hewlett Packard - my stolen computer brand- and traveled the world working for their company. Finally - a techie comes to see me. Oh my gosh .... thank you SO much Mr. Rambaud !!!

Well, the first incredible thing about him is that he pulled up to the Villa Fontaine in an old WWII jeep. Seriously. This vehicle is a celebrity in Antibes ! Then, with the skills of James Bond, he whips out a new computer for me, configures it, makes calls on his iPhone ... is dressed seriously nice ... and voila! my THIRD computer since I've been here. Soon to have a fourth when my brother arrives ...

It was refreshing for me to see someone with acute technology skills ... i NEED technology in my life -- and these horrible stealers - they steal all of my technology - incredible HP PC, OLYMPUS e620 Camera with three zoom lenses ... two cell phones ... wiped me out - bastards - oh, once again, please excuse my french ....

So, Patrick hooked me up with a new laptop - temporarily - and then said 'do you have a cell phone ' ... well I did ... until the robbers took it ... and with that said ... Patrick whips out his iPhone, makes a call ... and Voila!! I will have a cell phone tomorrow. James Bond - encroyable !!!

Now, this is what I love in life - technologically speaking - efficiency, quickness, excellence - I need that in my technical life. I am very fast on the keyboard - even with the reconfigured European keyboard - and I design - focused with accuracy and speed - in Illustrator and Photoshop. Four years at the University of the Arts and all of the determination in the world will get you that. I designed my own website, built an email list of almost 2000, create animated emails each month inviting guests to my studio for First Friday, design posters for festivals ... so I need efficiency. I love when people DO THEIR jobs ... so thank YOU Patrick !!!! It was awesome for me to have this techie guy here - efficient and excellent.

Also, thank you for the ride around Cap d'Antibes in your incredible WWII Jeep - one can only speculate what the notches on your steering wheel represent, nes pas?
The old dashboard and shifter
Ok - my turn to drive - just kidding ... for now
Dinner on the terrace ... salad, patè, tomatoes, croutons ... and vin rouge
Sarko with his patè ...
Afterwards, a sip of vin rouge for Sarko ... a connaisaire 'fur' sure ....

So now after dinner, I'm catching up on my NEW computer - new for three days until I get my even NEWER Hewlett Packard on Monday - when my brother Jim and our girfriend Diana arrive. They will LOVE Antibes .... the MOST beautiful place in the world.

Oh ... by the way, I took a nice walk around Antibes tonight ... and then went to visit the artists at the Marchè Provençcal. Well, a husband of a fellow artist turned 80 today ... so ... he had bottles and bottles of Champagne to celebrate - it was SO wonderful for me to speak with these lovely and happy people and celebrate in the health and happiness of ... friends ...



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