Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Today - and then Chopin and Bizet concert at Eilenroc

My friend 'Caryl'

ok -- today -- could have been a complete 'bust' as it were ... but it, as usual for me in the Cote d'Azur, was a fantastic day. I started out early walking through the Marchè Provençal - photographing all of the veggies and flowers - then, off to the Vauban Harbour where over 2000 tall ships, super-yachts, regular yachts, fishing boats and even wee little sailing vessels are docked. It's spectacular !!

So ... after that, I decided to call my bank, and yes, another '472.92' dollars was fraudulently spent from my credit card - this time in Mougins. I am determined, police or no police, to catch this thief - yes, by the way, I not only saw wonderful Cary Grant and beautiful Grace Kelly in 'To Catch a Thief' ... but I own the film as well. I could write the sequel for sure !!!

I decided to walk over to the beautiful sea area, and, I hear my name being called and there I see my new friend 'Carol'. I met her a few days back - she was sitting at a cafè table by the sea and there were no other seats available ... So I asked her if I could sit at one of the chairs under the umbrella. Well, we got to talking and after a short while she invited me to her beautiful flat overlooking the sea - encroyable !!!! In fact, her view is the basis for the painting I created for Jean Leonetti, Mayor of Antibes, deputy in Parliament under President Sarkozy (so the painting HAS to be good !!!).

Although I had my bathing suit top on, I had just my black bikini underwear ... but WHO cares ... this is France and nobody passes judgement - or if they do, they quickly move on to more exciting things .... like kissing their lover .... So, Carol and I swam in the sea - she in her bathing suit, I in my underpants ... and it was very lovely indeed. By the way, Carol is 85 years old, healthy and smart- and she invited me to her wonderful party - along with Jim and Diana (my brother and girlfriend are arriving on Monday) - rooftop dining ... fireworks !! We shall see what happens - and what we all want to do ...

Carol's rooftop - fabulous !!!

Now, JUST to make my point clear on things ... about wardrobe malfunction and the there lack of it, I, and doing so SOLELY as a journalist and documenteur of my journeys, feel obliged to share with you exactly how the french live ... and that includes navigating the beach - topless beach that is. Except here it's not 'topless' .. it's just their way of life - 'not a problem' as they say.

So ... there are thongs and one pieces, bikinis and then only bikini bottoms .... and MANY men wear the Speedo -- and, for the most part, they are ALL gorgeous !!!!! As a rule, ALL women in France are gorgeous .... and size negative zero to boot. Hmmm .... maybe I'll have another fromage and baguette sandwich ... and a glass of wine while I write this .. (NOT size negative zero). Of course I am probably going to be arrested in the US of A for posting these photos ... scandal and outrage ... funny thing is - GUNS are allowed but ... oh my god ... arrest that topless woman on the beach !!!

Men playing boules -- and the art of conversation
my walk home to the villa
there are replicas of paintings along the sea wall that have been created by the masters where they painted them - fantastic !!
turning the bend ...
setting the table and waiting for my guest who asked to stop over at 4:00 - guest never showed up - more baguette and fromage for moi !!

the lovely parasol pine trees
the terrace at Eilenroc - sipping champagne before the concert
under the tents at Eilenroc
the imperial grand piano
the concert: Chopin and Bizet - fantastic !!
dinner afterwards under the palms
beautiful Eilenroc at night ...

So ... another concert at Eilenroc. Pretty fantastic, eh ??? And on Friday is the Verdi Requiem and then dinner under the palms ... what a life - aside from the criminals, it is only paradise, nothing less ... and I love Antibes avec tout mon coeur ....

My friend Audouin brought me home in his beautiful silver Jaguar -- ok, that's it, I absolutely can NOT come back to South Hall St. Apt. C .... no ... no ... et NO !!!

It's 2:27 in the morning .... so .... signing off ...

A bientot et bon nuit mon ami !!



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