Friday, July 10, 2009

OLYMPUS and the restoration of my life in Antibes, France

Ok ... here I am with two loaner computers ... one 'incoming', one 'outgoing'. So ... more downloading of softward on new loaner ... and de-installing software on outgoing loaner - which I MUST bring back to the Touriste Office because they need it for the organization of 'Jazz a Juan' - the MOST beautiful Jazz Festival in the world - and it begins tommorrow in lovely Juan les Pins. SO .... organize the computer and walk over to the Touriste Office .... where ... my incredible new OLYMPUS e620 camera arrives in a very large box !!!! What complete joy for me !!!!

girls at the Touriste office ...
gorgeous Olympus e620

life becoming restored ...

I just want to take some time to speak of Olympus. Olympus manufactures the most incredible lenses in the world ... not only for your computer ... but for science ... and to save lives ... your mammograms may be viewed with the Olympus lens ... so, there are many people who insist on quality - to save lives ... and ... to photograph excellent photos. Olympus is a company that is very altruistic and caring - and I tell you that first hand. C'est vrai.

Thank you Mark and Susan ... you cannot imagine how your generosity and thoughtfulness has fulfilled my life. I look forward to presenting you with the very best art that I can create ... a small gift of my appreciation to you.



Blogger Candy Barr said...

What a wonderful travelogue here ~c beautiful senses merged with exquisite paintings!

It is very slow to see, even with my DSL with so many pictures have you been told? But worth the wait~
Just gorgeous.

11:09 AM  
Blogger PaintingEachDay said...

Thank you Candy - yes, a lot of photos ... but they are reduced to low res ... sorry about the download time ... but want to share this with all ... Antibes is soooo beautiful !!!!

4:48 AM  

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