Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My Mother

Today it is two years since I lost my Mother. And, in 19 days, it will be just one year since I lost my Father. My Parents were married for 60 years and loved each other very much - so much that my Father couldn't live without her. So ... I pray that they are in heaven ... enjoying each other, smiling and laughing and flirting ... and being just 'them' ...

The one thing that was crushing with my robbery - besides these terrible people stealing everything and using my credit cards - was that in my purse was the Mass card from my Mother's funeral. I prayed to my Mom for its safe return ... and I knew, I just knew that I would find it ... and I did ...

So ... I miss you Mom and think of you every day ... and if there is a heaven ... I know you are there.

All my love


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