Friday, July 31, 2009

l'Auberge Provencal

l'Auberge Provencal located in Place Nationale
dining in the garden of l'Auberge Provencal
tasting the oysters
shrimp with risotto
the beautiful garden of l'Auberge Provencal

Dining at l'Auberge Provencal

Since I have been in Antibes last year ... I have always wanted to dine at l'Auberge Provencal. It's a quaint and very old restaurant ... with a lovely garden restaurant situated in the rear of the ancient building. There is a central fountain ... and tables dressed in white linen and country chairs ... and polished silver and glass ware. It beckons you in.

I had the wonderful opportunity to dine there on July 27th. Oysters ... wine ... shrimp risotto ... and petite cafe ... very lovely.

And ... hopefully next year I will be exhibiting a new JAZZ series at the l'Auberge Provencal ! They have a lovely area exhibiting paintings and sculpture ... and for the 50th Anniversary of the Jazz a Juan Festival ... I can't think of a lovelier place to be than l'Auberge Provencal.



Blogger Pete said...

I've been following this blog with indescribable envy! From the stunning painting opportunities to the food and drink (I'm a Heffe fan too) and even a chance to drive a WWII jeep (a big Jeep fan too but haven't DRIVEN one yet!).

Needless to say it, but ENJOY!

11:21 AM  
Blogger said...

I hope you get fat!!!!!

9:08 PM  

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